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Why “Buy Local” is Better for Checking and Chile

roasting green chile

What do tourist guidebooks, historic main streets and vacation destinations have in common? They feature independent, locally-owned businesses run by entrepreneurs from our communities. People are at the heart of both local businesses and their neighborhoods. People and local businesses shape the character and identity of a community. Keep that Local Flavor When a town…

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Motorized fun financing

Motorcycle and Rider at Sunset

Does your idea of a good time involve pistons, spokes or propellers? Have you always wanted to zip around a lake on a jet ski? Go off-roading with friends? Take an epic road trip by motorcycle or RV? If you feel the need for speed, financing can help you get your fun machine sooner than…

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How to crush your student loans

Mortarboard hat flying - finally free from student loans!

You did all the right things. You went to college and got a job. With graduation behind you, chipping away at your student loans is a priority. Wait, who wants to chip away? Wouldn’t you rather crush your student loans before you’re a senior citizen? More and more people, with regular everyday jobs, are sharing…

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Life challenge checklist: I think I need a lawyer

Judge's Gavel

Are you dealing with a complicated business situation? Were you in an accident resulting in someone’s injury? What do you do when you have a legal issue, and you’ve reached the limits of what you can figure out by Googling? If you’ve hit that limit, it’s time to involve a lawyer. Here are tips to…

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