Government Shutdown Assistance

white house with word "closed"

Is the partial government shutdown negatively affecting your finances? White Sands FCU has a number of options to help.

  • Personal loan or line of credit. An unsecured  personal loan or line of credit can give you some flexibility when your pay is delayed. The availability of extra money can assure your essential bills get paid.  Learn more here.
  • Skip-a-payment. If you have a loan with us, speak to one of our representatives about skipping your next payment, or submit this form.
  • Debt consolidation loan. Sometimes, combining all your debt into one payment can free up some extra funds. You can structure this loan to delay your first payment for 90 days. Apply for a debt consolidation loan here.
  • Delay payment for 3 months.  If you have a loan somewhere else, refinance it with White Sands FCU and delay your first payment for 90 days.

If the current partial government shutdown is causing you financial strain, call us or visit one of our branches so we can help.

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